Music Supervision

 One area of film music expertise that I can offer is Music Supervision. As you know, a film may be best served by not only an original underscore but also the placement of songs or sound design. I enjoy supervision because it calls upon my experience in all of the different disciplines of film music including the creative, the technical and the legal paradigms.

Some of the tasks that I can perform toward that end are:
Creating a budget.
Spotting the film
(deciding where, why and what music to place in the film).
Creating a temp track for screenings.
Obtaining rights, clearances and licensing.
Oversee the creation of contracts.
Soliciting songs and/or suggesting Composers.
Contracting musicians and recording studios.
Create the music cue sheet for final delivery.
Coordination of the various music makers with the production and assuring that the overall process is staying on schedule.

Attending music sessions to make sure everything is running smoothly and ensuring that the resultant recordings meet the various specifications required by the film.